Focal Point mouldings create the look of reproduction plaster or 3 to 4 piece wood build-ups without the labor intensive installation effort. With Focal Point products you only go around the room once, cutting down on your overall installation cost. With our new patented manufacturing processes, Focal Point provides a quality in each of our products that no other polyurethane manufacturer can provide – uniformity of bedding edges, depth and crispness of designs, and overall product detail.

Focal Point products can be installed with standard carpentry tools, i.e., hammer, 12" compound miter saw, or hand saw with miter box, chalk line, and 10oz caulk gun. Focal Point even provides table and blade angles for it's moulding profiles, making it easier to fit and cut on a standard compound miter saw or box. No more re-caulking joint and seam lines that become exposed with the typical multi-wood build-up mouldings. With Focal Point's one piece profiles and our specially formulated adhesive, joint and seam separation is virtually eliminated.

Focal Point products are the perfect elegant, maintenance free, cost effective solution to your architectural design needs. From casings, to niches, to mouldings, Focal Point offers a solution to the common generic room by giving you a "custom home" feel without the custom cost. No more need to use the typical wood profiles anymore, with Focal Point you receive the freedom of choice to create a vision that is truly custom inspired...meeting the personal design taste of the individual in all of us.


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